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Full training about Mega G3 Metal Detector

Full training about Mega G3 Metal Detector

In the world of exploration of treasures and gold, the researcher always wants to find a simple device for use and that is at a high degree of efficiency and accurate, and with the many types of devices in the markets and the researcher’s lack of knowledge of what is the most suitable device and what is the effective system that is consistent with the geographical nature of his country or suitable for his case the goal that he wants to search On it, Gold Master was only required to provide advice and guide its customers and researchers in general for the best devices in terms of results. Today, the Gold Master Company offers you a Mega G3 device developed by the German Mega Lockers company that works with a long-term search system.

And before we talk about the advantages of the Mega G3 device, we want to make clear to your presentations how important the long-range advisory system is to every researcher in general, whether the researcher has another device that works with the audio or imaging system, if the researcher wanted to search for raw gold, archaeological burials, caves and voids.

In all cases, the researcher must use the long-term sensory system to facilitate the search process and to save time and effort because the advisory system transports you from your location to the nearest point around you that contains the metal that you have specified on the device because the consulting devices are looking at a range of up to 3 km in some Hardware, which makes reaching your goals easy and fast.

The device features:

* The device contains two search systems, which makes the search process easier for the user and obtaining his goals easily.

* The device can perform a survey of the surrounding area up to 2000 meters in the front range that helps the user to scan vast open places and also difficult terrain such as mountains and wadis, and the device also reaches a depth of 40 meters below the ground level.

* The device also contains 8 programs for the targets to be searched such as golden treasures, raw gold, silver, bronze, copper, caves and voids, gems, diamonds.

* The device contains the technology of isolation and not being affected by radioactive rocks or any other minerals not specified in the device that disturb the researcher like some other devices.

* The device contains a unit to measure the depth of the target.

* The device is characterized by ease of use and it contains several different languages, including Arabic.

The research systems of the device:

1- Long-range sensory system:

It is the system through which the researcher selects the type of metal that he wants to search for, as you can through this system determine the distances and depths that you want, as it is the system that performs a complete and automatic isolation process for all minerals, and also is the system that directs the researcher to the locations of targets and approach From them and scaled them in a range not exceeding square meters.

2- Ionic system:

It is the system that the researcher uses to discover new areas, and this system generally searches for all the minerals buried in the ground and gives a loud sound and vibrations if any new targets are discovered.

Finally, based on the results presented by the Mega G3 device with users in revealing gold treasures, traces, voids, and raw gold, Gold Master recommends that you experiment with the device because of the advanced capabilities of the device and accurate results, and we wish you well.